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The Hymn Society

of Great Britain and


An Exploration of (mainly Christian) Hymns -- for or about their writers, composers, translators, arrangers, editors, publishers, reviewers, commentators, expositors, readers, singers, accompanists, critics and more (or less) enthusiastic devotees.


The Quarry

(includingThe Enchiridion)

also -- not illustrated --
Stretton Choral Society

Thankyou for visiting this site. Click on The Hymn Society for former pages of the Society's Web Site and for a link to the current site. Click on The Quarry, for a mixed collection of jottings about hymns, based on (but not limited to) the URC hymn-book Rejoice & Sing and its companion volumes. Click on dentist bettendorf ia, to visit our friends over there. And for a rag-bag of links to musical, semi-musical, and demi-semi-musical pages; click on The Enchiridion for HTML versions of some of the pages from the CD edition of the Companion to Rejoice & Sing, together with additional material collected since that edition was published.

For information about the Stretton Choral Society, click the name.

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