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Why The Intervention of a Telehealth Chiro Specialist Works

woman getting a treatment from a telehealth chiro

Making the choice to contact and consult with a telehealth chiro specialist is one of the best decisions that anyone can make.

When pain and discomfort begin to strike across the back and the shoulders, it can be indicative of a greater medical concern that needs to be addressed.

This is a domain that can impact on mental capacities, on self-esteem and ability to engage with people at a personal and professional level.

Allowing these operators to intervene is a step in the right direction.


Opening a Dialogue

So many Australians are raised to live with a stiff upper lip and fight the good fight each day. The fact remains that this approach is not only delaying the inevitable but making a bad situation worse. By connecting with a local telehealth chiro specialist, individuals have an opportunity to talk about their chiropractic health in a safe and confined environment that remains 100% private throughout each consultation.


Providing Diagnoses & Assessments

Although they are not right there in the room with their patient, a telehealth chiro specialist will be in a position to offer diagnoses and assessments. From a lower back strain to a misalignment with the spine or a slipped disk, they will be able to separate fact from fiction and offer an answer according to the symptoms. This is where patients can pay close attention to the issue and embrace treatments that will slowly but surely optimize the health of the individual.


Detailing Key Treatment Services

The intervention of a telehealth chiro specialist is beneficial for those that want to know what actions they can take in their very own home to assist with their health and recovery. The most common examples, in this case, will be demonstrated with yoga and exercise techniques to stretching implements, heating utilities and creams that can reduce swelling and aid blood circulation.


Removing Drug & Surgery Intervention

lower back massage

One of the major selling points that are often overlooked with the intervention of these specialists is the removal of drug consumption and surgery booking. It is understandable that people will venture out for a solution over the counter when that pain continues to strike, but it will only mask the symptoms for a day or two in many situations. Then there is the other extreme where surgery is booked, requiring serious medical intervention when some minor exercises could be embraced instead.


Reducing Medical Costs

The good news for those individuals who connect with a telehealth chiro specialist is that they can access this first-class level of expertise without paying the same rate as others who see their professional at the practice. There are fewer overheads to manage without making appointments in person and these savings are commonly passed onto the consumer with the same private health insurance rebates in place. By engaging with them instead of opting for drug or surgery assistance, those savings do become obvious when assessing the bottom line.


Offering Flexible Timetables

Conventional business hours do not always apply with a telehealth chiro specialist. For men and women who might not fit into the 9am-5pm Monday to Friday schedule, they will be able to connect with their doctor at a time that suits them. This will break down barriers for constituents who might be on the fence about the exercise, struggling to justify the time spent off work to see their specialist.


Remote Guidance & Expertise

Clients can be anywhere in the world when it comes to receiving support from chiro operators in this field. That freedom allows them to be at home, at work or traveling overseas and they are still able to continue a dialogue and remain on course with their program. This remains one of the key selling points for allowing a telehealth chiro specialist to intervene in 2020.


A Beginner’s Introduction Into Sand Blasting

Worker sandblasting at an industrial plant

Mobile sand blasting (aka abrasive) refers to the process of smoothing a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface or remove surface contaminants. It involves using pressurised fluid (usually compressed air) to propel the pressurised stream of material into the surface. Mobile sand blasting is by no means a modern invention; in fact, the first process was patented by an inventor called Benjamin Chew Tilghman in October 1870!


Breaking down the process

By forcing solid particles across the surface at an incredibly high speed, small contaminants can be removed, while smoothing the surface. Think of it as an automated form of using rough paper; however, the results are far superior and reliable.


The equipment

Mobile sand blasting equipment consists of a small electronic chamber where both grit and air mixed. Once the gravel and the air have been mixed, it then travels through a hand-held nozzle (like a gerni). The nose is then directed at the surface. There are many different types of nozzles, which come in different sizes, shapes and materials.


Dry mobile sand blasting

Dry mobile sand blasting is one of the most common methods of abrasive grit smoothing. It is often used for steel surfaces, like trailers, cars and large cargo trucks. The purpose is to remove rust or corrosion that has formed on the surface of the steel or metal. It’s also vital that you remove any coatings on the iron if you want to repaint the metal surface. If you want to remove paint or retile a pool surface, then dry grit smoothing should be your priority.


Wet mobile sand blasting

The wet version of this process is practical for a variety of different scenarios. It works well when removing paint from wooden structures or brickwork, smoothing pool surfaces and grit smoothing concrete, like on your driveway. Wet abrasive smoothing is preferable if you want to remove dust from the process, which means you won’t have to deal with toxic dust clouds. It also saves you time, since you won’t have to worry about cleaning up dust particles after you’ve finished the project.


Safety is vital

The operator of the sandblasting machine is wearing a safety helmet and mask.

Mobile sand blasting can be a dangerous venture, posing a range of risks to worker health and safety. Dry grit smoothing generates a tremendous amount of dust, which should not be inhaled by the labourer or those in close vicinity. Consequently, face masks are crucial when using smoothing equipment.

There is also a chance of more severe injury, especially to the operator of the device. If the device is not operated safely and with care, there is a chance of burns due to projections (causing skin lesions) and heat exhaustion. Noise pollution is also a concern for operators, which is why noise-cancelling hearing protection is significant (earmuffs or earplugs).

Wearing a helmet while operating the device is also a regulatory necessity. A construction hood also works well, especially if you fall over while operating the equipment (since it will prevent head injury). Body protection usually consists of long, thick overalls; however, this is largely predicated on the scale of steel abrasives.


Benefits of mobile sand blasting

There are many great advantages of grit smoothing. Firstly, using it on your driveway will ensure that your driveway is as smooth and safe as possible. It works very well for surface preparation when you need to clean the surface for a new coating or layer of paint.

Wet mobile sand blasting is also easy to execute, and clean-up is easy. This is because there is minimal dust produced by the equipment, while the machine itself does a flawless job of removing any contaminants or marks on the surface you are smoothing.


Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber In Sydney


No one likes it when things go wrong. You like to spend a lot of time maintaining your home and ensuring things run smoothly and are taken care of around the house, so it’s never nice when a pipe burst or the toilet stops working. Unfortunately, sometimes despite our best efforts things still go wrong. Your home may be older, issues might be hidden or conditions like the weather can create or exacerbate issues around the fixtures in your home.

Sometimes it difficult to tell if an issue is serious enough to warrant a call to an emergency plumber in Sydney, so here are a few signs you should look out for:


Leaking bathroom or kitchen fixtures

A leaky tap may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually be a big problem. Even a slow drip can lead to a lot of water waste, which could add up to hundreds of extra dollars to your water bill at the end of every month. Leaks can also be the cause of mould, mildew and corrosion. If you notice a leak it’s a good idea to contact an emergency plumber in Sydney to get the issue taken care of right away.


Your toilet is backed up

A working toilet should be able to efficiently remove waste, if your toilet is backing up or won’t flush correctly it can be a big problem and could be a sign of a serious blockage. If you’re located in the area then call an emergency plumber in Sydney right away to deal with the issue as it can quickly become unsanitary and a danger to the health of those living in your home.


You can smell gas

If you smell gas coming from your water heater it can be a sign of a serious issue and could put the people in your household in serious danger. Gas is extremely flammable and a gas leak could cause an explosion if it were to come into contact with electrical appliances or heat, it can also cause asphyxiation in confined spaces. If you suspect a gas leak, turn the gas supply to your home off at the main valve and open up all the doors and windows to air out your home, then make sure everyone in your home is outside and well clear of the house. Call an emergency plumber in Sydney or contact a qualified gas fitter as they will be able to diagnose if there is a leak and deal with the issue.


You have a burst pipe

leaking pipe

A blown or ruptured pipe can quickly cause major damage to your home or the surrounding area. Often the result of older pipes, poor workmanship or poor quality materials, they can happen expectantly and definitely constitute an emergency. If you have a burst pipe in your home then the best thing to do is turn of the water supply at your home at the mains valve before calling an emergency plumber in Sydney to attend your property as soon as possible to fix the issue.


You have stinky drains

If you can smell something coming from your drains then you might have a clogging issue. Clogging can be a sign of a more serious issue and is often a precursor to a much more expensive or dangerous problem. If you can smell something coming from your drains, you should contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent the issue from worsening.


You have no hot water

If your water heater has failed or is not working at the optimal level it can lead to some pretty unpleasant cold showers. Maintenance of your water heater is essential to keep your water heater in good condition, and also important for ensuring that your entire home is kept comfortable.


How You Can Gain Insight To What It Is Like Working In A Professional World With Accounting Internships

calculator and accounting papers

In life, one of the most important things that people are able to achieve is inside. When people have insight, they are able to make better decisions for themselves and they are also able to have more empathy for other people. For example, there are so many teenagers out there that don’t understand why their parents are so stressed out all the time and this is until they become adults themselves and they can then relate.

This can often be the same when people are looking to enter into the workforce for the first time because they never really know what it is going to be like unless they have done it themselves. The catch 22 is that the only way the people can get insight into this is by actually putting their foot in the door. Pay this as it may here’s how you can gain insight to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships.


One of the ways you can gain insight to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships is by seeing how people are treated


One of the many different ways that you’re able to gain inside to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships is by seeing first hand how people are treated in the workforce. For example, people might find that they have a manager who is honest and yet stern but then there may be other managers out there who act like tyrants and who make their employees very stressed out. Once people gain this inside, they can then go out and ensure that when they are applying for paid positions that they look out for some signs in regards to who they’re going to be working for.

On top of all of this, people may see how some coworkers treat the staff members who perhaps aren’t that high up such as the cleaners. It is then up to people to decide how they want to treat all people no matter what their position is when they then go on to obtain paid work.


Another one of the ways that you can gain insight to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships is by seeing first hand how a company works  

Another one of the ways that you can gain insight to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships is by seeing first hand how a company works. Until someone has been in this environment, they may not understand exactly how all the processes are going to go. For example, people may think that they are answering directly to their manager when they start the role whereas they are actually answering to the person who is above them who is then answering to the manager on their behalf.

On top of all of this, people may find out about how pays work, about who to call if there is an issue, and about certain unions if they decide to sign up for one. Whatever the case may be, people usually aren’t able to learn everything that they need to know unless they simply go out and do it and immerse themselves in the world. And this is why it is so beneficial and so crucial for people to be able to get out there and gain insight to what it is like working in a professional world with accounting internships.

How To Plan The Perfect Wedding Invitations

bride and groom hugging

If you are getting married then you have plenty to get excited about, and one of the things you need to organise early-on is your wedding invitations. The way you go about doing these special letters is going to be very important in both setting the tone of your big day and getting your guests as excited as you are.

However, wedding invitations can come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes people don’t go the traditional route. At the end of the day, the choice is yours and it won’t spoil your ceremony if you don’t have the best letters – but you will still want to try your best with them regardless.

Let’s take a look at some approaches you can take for your wedding invitations.


1.    Doing them digitally

More and more, people are choosing to save money with their marriage ceremonies and are deciding to cut money from things they think they can get away with doing on the cheap. One of the ways to save money on wedding invitations is to simply send them out digitally via email or even use a social media application.

The obvious utility of doing this is that you will save money from not having to pay for a designer version of something that you can do very cheaply. If all you care about is the practical utility of getting the letters out there and informing your guests, then this can be a great avenue that helps you to save money and get the entire thing sorted quickly and easily.


2.    Getting them via a professional provider

wedding invitations

Another popular way to get your wedding invitations is to have them done professionally by a company that specialises in them. They will normally include an envelope and delivering service so that you can get all of it handled in one place and move on to planning other parts of your big day.

The best providers will have means for you to be able to design your own letters using their websites’ in-built GUI (graphical user interface). This will enable you to create truly unique and special wedding invitations that are going to dazzle your guests and get them excited for the occasion.


3.    Doing them yourself

Another way to save money but still put effort into your wedding invitations is to try to do them yourself – assuming you have adequate arts and crafts skills or someone to help you. You could even ask a friend or family member to do it – but make sure you compensate them for their effort in some way, even if they do offer to do it for free initially.

You get what you pay for, so if you put money and effort into your wedding invitations they will be more effective. It really depends on how important you think they will be in making sure your guests are excited to attend.

In this way, you should think about the kind of ceremony you are having and what your guest list is going to expect. If you are from a family that does things very traditionally, then you might expect extended family and friends to have certain expectations.

All in all, your wedding invitations are an important part of your planning that has an important practical role but also can be quite flexible in achieving other aims. It really depends on what kind of ceremony you are intending to have, as you would want the letters to match the formality of what you are doing – whatever that happens to be. There is no right or wrong way to go about your wedding invitations.


Common Steps Required to Using Your Medical Certificate Online


Employees who do their due diligence when sourcing their medical certificate online will be in safe hands.

This is an essential process for full-time workers to access their sick leave entitlements.

Despite the advice from employers and the information that is provided to them, there are mistakes and misconceptions about these responsibilities and how to access the form over the web.

Before making assumptions about the process, take note of the common steps required to acquiring and using your medical certificate online.


1) Identifying a Certified Medical Outlet

Before an employee is able to take advantage of sourcing a medical certificate online, they need to know that the practice is actually legitimate and recognised. Those dubious outlets that actually sell certificates and attempt to profit from this requirement are not to be dealt with under any circumstances. This is one of the reservations that some businesses have with the practice, so it is mandatory that men and women in this instance source their documentation from medical brands that are recognised, authenticated and easily traced.


2) Contact Practice Regarding Request

The next step for employees on the search for a medical certificate online is to make contact with the outlet. This will place the patient in touch with the receptionist or the general practitioner (GP). A patient will then have a booking for an appointment to check and diagnose their condition, or if they have an ongoing or chronic illness that the doctor is aware of, they can have the form filled out and delivered. Rather than encountering any confusion about the logistics of this process, it is vital that the individual speaks with the provider and ensures they are adhering to the right steps.


3) Having Online Access

In order to receive a medical certificate online and trace the document and keep the record, a patient needs to have access to the website. This will include a username and password, both of which could be temporary. It is information that has to be provided before the specialist can submit and send the form through to the other end. If there are any complications with this process, it is essential that the patient contacts the practice and checks that their login details are correct. A contingency plan can be the use of a personal email address if there are issues with the website of the practice.


4) Ensuring All Details Are Included & Document Signed


Instead of taking a medical certificate online on face value, it needs to check a number of items before being valid for a human resources department. This will include all of the following information:

  • Name of medical practice
  • Name of doctor
  • Date of certificate signed
  • Type of medical condition
  • How this condition will impact the work of the employee
  • Expected recovery date
  • Official doctor signature

If there happens to be faults or inconsistencies with these details, that is likely to present problems with HR representatives.


5) Submitting Certificate Correctly

The use of a medical certificate online can only work if the document is submitted at the right place and at the right time. This is where open and honest communication with the HR department is paramount because all of that due diligence with the doctor can diminish if there is a lack of awareness about where this item is submitted. The employer will dictate as per the terms of the work contract who to deal with in the event of sick leave entitlements, sending the document to this location and commonly within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. Each business will have its own policy on the timing of this submission, how many days of absence requires a form and how much leeway is given, but this will be out of the control of the medical practice.



How To Choose The Right Car Sun Shade

car windows

A car sun shade is a great investment when you want to protect the interior of your vehicle while you are operating it or while it is parked so that the temperature remains comfortable when you get back in. They have a lot of great ecological benefits in terms of help you reduce or eliminate the need to use aid condition as often and will similarly keep the interior warm during winter months.

While it’s not hard to justify an investment in a set of car sun shades, it can be difficult to choose between he many options you have available from different brands. There’s a lot of different choices out there, and they all want to convince you to buy their product over the others on the market.

To help you land on the correct decision, we have put together the following information on selecting and purchasing a car sun shade.

What are they?

First off, you should try to understand as much as you can about what car sun shades actually are and how they work before you make a final purchase decision. There are many different variations on this product out there and they can be replaced if and when a better option comes out that you are more attracted to.

They work to help protect the interior of your vehicle (and the people who may be in it at the time) from the glare and damaging UV rays of the sun. This level of light blockage helps keep the interior cool and doesn’t strain your eyes to look around.

They also serve to make backseat passengers more comfortable. This can be great when you have kids in the backseat who might get restless on long trips – car sun shades make it dimmer and easier for them to drift to sleep.

Think of them like a pair of sunglasses for your vehicle – you don’t need them to get around on a sunny day, but they really make it easier.


When you are shopping for car sun shades, you are going to be confronted with several different options. There are two main types of operation for this product – fixed position and ‘pull down’.

Purchasing a high quality product will ensure that you passengers get the best protect while you drive. Don’t settle for an inferior product that you can’t guarantee will provide you with adequate UV protection – invest in the best.

Operation type: The first consideration when buying car sun shades is the operation mechanism. As mentioned, you can get either fixed position or one that can be manually pulled up and down.

A fixed position option is great for when you have kids in the back and want to keep them protected the entire time. On the other hands, if you have older children and adults in the backseat, a pull down option they can adjust at their leisure will be more appreciated and functional.

UV protection: As mentioned, you don’t want to buy an inferior car sun shade that does not give adequate UV protection for you and your passengers. Make sure that you only consider options that have a high UV resistance rating, and this should be clearly displayed in their packaging/advertising.

Shapes and sizes: Of course, you don’t want to end up buying a car sun shade that is the wrong shape for your window. If the product does not fit snugly into the frame, then it won’t do it’s job properly and cause gaps of UV light to sneak in.

Always make sure the car sun shades you buy are fitted to your vehicle’s specifications.

Why you Deserve the Online Equipment Hire Services

man using his tablet

Are you in business of renting out equipment to your customers? You can increase the efficiency of your business if you integrate it with technology. What if you seek for the expertise that will be able to customize the software that will be able to handle everything for you? This will not only increase the productivity of your firm but will also assure your customers of efficiency and freedom that they need for them to enjoy working with you.

Good software should do a lot and reduce the manpower that you may need. If you reduce the manpower, you will be able to increase the profits and take your business to the level that you have always desired. If you have the software on your website, customers will be able to check on the availability of the equipment that they may need to hire, check on its condition and make the payment right from the platform. Who will not love such efficiency? Your customers will be very free and feel so secure to carry out transactions with your company since they will not be straining. Your online equipment business like Kennards Hire company will move to a level that can compete comfortably with the competitors in the market. It will benefit you in the following ways;

  • Reports on the availability of equipment
  • Informs the customers on the condition of equipment

Reports on the availability of equipment

There could be such time that the equipment will not be available for hire. This means that if your customers are not aware of this, they may waste a lot of time and experience inconvenience that will not make them happy. For this reason, if you had software that will gather the information and keep your customers informed on the availability of certain equipment, then they will be very fine about that. For you to achieve this, all that you need is to contact the experts and let them help you to install the right software that will be able to serve your business according to your expectations. This will make your online equipment hire to be more efficient and attractive to your customers. The earlier you embrace this technology, the better. Your competitors could be spending a lot of time looking for means to outsmart you in business.

Informs the customers on the condition of equipment

The equipment could be available but not available for hire. So as the customers will be checking on your website, they will be able to note that a given equipment is available but the moment they pay and make attempts to hire, it will not go through simply because the equipment could be faulty. If you embrace the use of the right software, you can be assured that they will be receiving emails from time to time. Such emails will be communicating to them on the condition of the available equipment so as they can make a decision on hiring. This is the only way that you can make the online equipment hire services profitable.

Cost Effective Strategies Used By Public Relations Companies in Sydney


There is a degree of apprehension among local brands when it comes to hiring public relations companies in Sydney.

They will have an understanding about the value addition that can be brought upon with their introduction, but there is a mindfulness about managing the budget and not blowing the company budget on a PR exercise.

The good news is that these operators work with flexible contract agreements, engaging cost effective practices that lowers the immediate financial risk whilst still achieving those key targets.

That is where we will focus our attention, outlining how these 2019 service operators can deliver the goods without having to spend thousands of dollars for the privilege.

Mixing With Media Entities and Stakeholders

Building relationships and networking with influential figures is not a domain that requires financial investment, but prudent knowledge and engagement of dealing with the right people. There will be method to the madness when experienced public relations companies in Sydney are brought into the fold, connecting with key broadcasters, reporters, writers, entrepreneurs, community organisers, political figures and other stakeholders.

Writing as an Authority on a Niche

Having an authoritative voice is one of the best strategies that public relations companies in Sydney can leverage in the current market. If constituents do not have confidence that the business is an authority on a subject, that is likely to erode trust in the brand and they will put their money into an operation or franchise that does indeed promote a sense of authority and assurance. From guest writing on magazines and crafting online blogs as well as instructional videos, there are various content forms that allows a business to find its voice without costing the organisation heavily.


Search engine optimisation or SEO for short is a long-term digital exercise that leverages content to drive online exposure. By working in alignment to Google algorithm alterations, brands are able to organically manipulate the system to be standing tall amongst their peers in the online search domain. Public relations companies in Sydney will engage these services for PR purposes and to increase exposure for the client, all without having to pay extravagant sums that puts a dent into the company budget.

Social Media Campaigning

There are positives and negatives with social media campaigning, but one of the key selling points that public relations companies in Sydney will advocate is its cost effectiveness. From Twitter and Instagram to YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Snapchat and beyond, these sites are home to a variety of local constituents who could fit within the target demographic parameters. There are privacy concerns and if used incorrectly, brand damage and customer dissatisfaction can spread. However, these formats require no entry fee and it is one of the most cost efficient methods of improving business engagement online.

Improving Customer Service Engagement

There might have to be funds invested with public relations companies in Sydney when it comes to improving customer service engagement. Yet these funds will be minimal and considered a valuable investment when taking onboard the increased retention rates for shoppers and clients who already do business with the brand. When these individuals and groups discuss the organisation in public, much of their satisfaction or dissatisfaction will revolve around customer service engagement, including their capacity to respond to inquiries, fix mistakes and offer coherent communication and assistance.


There are plenty of other strategies that public relations companies in Sydney can utilise to operate a cost efficient campaign. From adding a donation button on the website to studying peer brands in the market and more – there will be unique methods that apply to certain outlets in the city. These five strategies though do have universal appeal, allowing the client to make gains without suffering financially.

4 Tips for Organising Page Boy Suits

page boy suits

When it comes to your wedding, it is important that your little ones look and feel great in their page boy suits. This helps them have a great time and minimises the chances that they’ll throw a tantrum on the day.

Taking kids shopping for clothes can be difficult, however – between sore feet and boredom, they’re sure to complain they want to go home. Thankfully, we have some handy tips for making the experience more enjoyable for both you and the kids!

Measure the kids at home

Determining the size of your page boy suits involves taking the children’s measurements – height, chest, waistline and neck – to get the right fit. While you can do this in store, many kids may feel more comfortable having their parents measure them at home instead. You can then give their measurements to the store. Ensure you do this close to the date of the wedding or get a slightly bigger size to avoid the young one growing too big for their new clothes.

Alternatively, if you’re buying pre-made page boy suits from a high-street store, you may just want to purchase based on age rather than measurements. This can be a cheaper option compared to buying custom-made boutique clothing, especially when there are sales on, making it great for those on a budget.

Research before you go into the store

It is a good idea to figure out what kind of page boy suits you’re after before you go in store, as this reduces the amount of time it will take, thus keeping the kids happy. You might want to choose your style based on the colouring and overall theme of the wedding, or have the outfits match what the groom or groomsmen are wearing. You can choose between a jacket, vest, three-piece outfit or four-piece outfit.

You can include the kids in this part if you want; this can be a good bonding exercise and help you to figure out what they do and don’t like. There are many websites and magazines you can look at for inspiration; pick your favourites and keep them in a safe place for future reference.

Add a tie or cap

Accessorise your page boy suits to make them extra cute. Many people use ties such as a bow tie. Alternatively you could add a hat such as a fedora or news cap for a sweet, quirky look. And of course, high quality, comfortable shoes and socks (cotton is best) are essential to avoid blisters and frowns on the big day (bonus tip: have them wear in the shoes a little to make them comfier). If the children and their parents are open to it, you could also offer to get them a stylish new haircut or hairstyle.

Figure out who will pay

Traditionally the parents will pay for the page boy suits, although if you are adamant that you want an expensive outfit that the parents can’t afford, you may want to buy it instead as a gift. Otherwise, the couple being wed will usually pay for accessories like ties and caps, while the parents will pay for shoes and socks.


Buying page boy suits can be a lot of fun if you do it right. Make sure you’re prepared and get the right size so that the kids are comfortable on the day. Have the kids join in when choosing an outfit as a good bonding activity, and ensure that you figure out who is paying so that things don’t get awkward. And of course, enjoy your wedding!