Common Steps Required to Using Your Medical Certificate Online


Common Steps Required to Using Your Medical Certificate Online

Employees who do their due diligence when sourcing their medical certificate online will be in safe hands.

This is an essential process for full-time workers to access their sick leave entitlements.

Despite the advice from employers and the information that is provided to them, there are mistakes and misconceptions about these responsibilities and how to access the form over the web.

Before making assumptions about the process, take note of the common steps required to acquiring and using your medical certificate online.


1) Identifying a Certified Medical Outlet

Before an employee is able to take advantage of sourcing a medical certificate online, they need to know that the practice is actually legitimate and recognised. Those dubious outlets that actually sell certificates and attempt to profit from this requirement are not to be dealt with under any circumstances. This is one of the reservations that some businesses have with the practice, so it is mandatory that men and women in this instance source their documentation from medical brands that are recognised, authenticated and easily traced.


2) Contact Practice Regarding Request

The next step for employees on the search for a medical certificate online is to make contact with the outlet. This will place the patient in touch with the receptionist or the general practitioner (GP). A patient will then have a booking for an appointment to check and diagnose their condition, or if they have an ongoing or chronic illness that the doctor is aware of, they can have the form filled out and delivered. Rather than encountering any confusion about the logistics of this process, it is vital that the individual speaks with the provider and ensures they are adhering to the right steps.


3) Having Online Access

In order to receive a medical certificate online and trace the document and keep the record, a patient needs to have access to the website. This will include a username and password, both of which could be temporary. It is information that has to be provided before the specialist can submit and send the form through to the other end. If there are any complications with this process, it is essential that the patient contacts the practice and checks that their login details are correct. A contingency plan can be the use of a personal email address if there are issues with the website of the practice.


4) Ensuring All Details Are Included & Document Signed


Instead of taking a medical certificate online on face value, it needs to check a number of items before being valid for a human resources department. This will include all of the following information:

  • Name of medical practice
  • Name of doctor
  • Date of certificate signed
  • Type of medical condition
  • How this condition will impact the work of the employee
  • Expected recovery date
  • Official doctor signature

If there happens to be faults or inconsistencies with these details, that is likely to present problems with HR representatives.


5) Submitting Certificate Correctly

The use of a medical certificate online can only work if the document is submitted at the right place and at the right time. This is where open and honest communication with the HR department is paramount because all of that due diligence with the doctor can diminish if there is a lack of awareness about where this item is submitted. The employer will dictate as per the terms of the work contract who to deal with in the event of sick leave entitlements, sending the document to this location and commonly within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. Each business will have its own policy on the timing of this submission, how many days of absence requires a form and how much leeway is given, but this will be out of the control of the medical practice.



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