Examples Where a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney is Required

Examples Where a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney is Required

How does a spouse know when the time is right to have a divorce lawyer from O’Sullivan Legal on their side?

Separations happen everyday and whilst they are sad and unfortunate events, they are often exacerbated by individuals who do not have the tools to handle a broken relationship.

With child custody rights, property acquisition and debt all handed over to one side or the other, the stakes are high and the ability to cope with loss diminishes without a support network in place.

Here O’Sullivan Legal outlined moments where a Sydney-based solicitor is warranted.


Spouse Not Acting in Good Faith

One of the most important times for a client to engage a trustworthy divorce lawyer in Sydney is when they believe their former partner is not acting in good faith during the separation. Even after concessions are made in order to expedite the process, a spouse could be holding out for more of a financial gain or to withhold certain assets that would harm their own position and make a bad situation even worse. An experienced solicitor who operates in this realm will be able to achieve an important balance by extending an olive branch to that party where necessary but also advocate strongly for their rights and their position when the evidence supports those claims.


When Time Pressures Exist

The sheer amount of paperwork that has to be filed through a divorce lawyer in Sydney is enough to drive most people to breaking point when they consider how timely that exercise would be off their own accord. These will be other parties who can assist in this realm, but none as proficient or expert as a divorce solicitor. Everyone leads busy lives and that time needed in the schedule to manage just the logistics of a legal separation can be overtly time consuming. An experienced solicitor will be accustomed to this proceeding and know just what to file and what documentation requires their attention.


When a Client Doesn’t Know Their Rights or Options

We have touched on the notion that there are cases whereby a divorce lawyer in Sydney has to step in when the other spouse is not acting in good faith, but how does a client know for sure whether or not that is the case? Perhaps they are placing restrictions and issuing demands that are entirely legitimate in the eyes of the law and they are simply not aware of those facts. An individual can only enter the mediation process once they understand what their rights and options are. That will allow both parties to continue in a healthier and more efficient fashion.


Feeling Overtly Emotional and Stressed

No matter the sex, the financial circumstances, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age or other factors that defines the profile of a client, there will likely be a need for a divorce lawyer in Sydney if the emotional and mental health of an individual is compromised. These elements are likely to affect the judgment of a spouse who is making rash choices out of anger or spite rather than looking at the bigger picture. That independence is a major benefit to have because it can help to differentiate between a legitimate gripe and a move that is purely reactionary.


Cannot Reach Agreeable Terms

It is highly recommended for citizens to engage a divorce lawyer in Sydney even if the former couple reaches agreeable terms to ensure that the documentation accurately reflects those wishes. However, the stakes are increased tenfold when it becomes apparent that those terms are not agreeable and it will be the input of a divorce lawyer in Sydney who can establish guidelines and work towards tangible progress.


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