How To Choose The Right Car Sun Shade

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How To Choose The Right Car Sun Shade

A car sun shade is a great investment when you want to protect the interior of your vehicle while you are operating it or while it is parked so that the temperature remains comfortable when you get back in. They have a lot of great ecological benefits in terms of help you reduce or eliminate the need to use aid condition as often and will similarly keep the interior warm during winter months.

While it’s not hard to justify an investment in a set of car sun shades, it can be difficult to choose between he many options you have available from different brands. There’s a lot of different choices out there, and they all want to convince you to buy their product over the others on the market.

To help you land on the correct decision, we have put together the following information on selecting and purchasing a car sun shade.

What are they?

First off, you should try to understand as much as you can about what car sun shades actually are and how they work before you make a final purchase decision. There are many different variations on this product out there and they can be replaced if and when a better option comes out that you are more attracted to.

They work to help protect the interior of your vehicle (and the people who may be in it at the time) from the glare and damaging UV rays of the sun. This level of light blockage helps keep the interior cool and doesn’t strain your eyes to look around.

They also serve to make backseat passengers more comfortable. This can be great when you have kids in the backseat who might get restless on long trips – car sun shades make it dimmer and easier for them to drift to sleep.

Think of them like a pair of sunglasses for your vehicle – you don’t need them to get around on a sunny day, but they really make it easier.


When you are shopping for car sun shades, you are going to be confronted with several different options. There are two main types of operation for this product – fixed position and ‘pull down’.

Purchasing a high quality product will ensure that you passengers get the best protect while you drive. Don’t settle for an inferior product that you can’t guarantee will provide you with adequate UV protection – invest in the best.

Operation type: The first consideration when buying car sun shades is the operation mechanism. As mentioned, you can get either fixed position or one that can be manually pulled up and down.

A fixed position option is great for when you have kids in the back and want to keep them protected the entire time. On the other hands, if you have older children and adults in the backseat, a pull down option they can adjust at their leisure will be more appreciated and functional.

UV protection: As mentioned, you don’t want to buy an inferior car sun shade that does not give adequate UV protection for you and your passengers. Make sure that you only consider options that have a high UV resistance rating, and this should be clearly displayed in their packaging/advertising.

Shapes and sizes: Of course, you don’t want to end up buying a car sun shade that is the wrong shape for your window. If the product does not fit snugly into the frame, then it won’t do it’s job properly and cause gaps of UV light to sneak in.

Always make sure the car sun shades you buy are fitted to your vehicle’s specifications.

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