Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber In Sydney


Signs You Need An Emergency Plumber In Sydney

No one likes it when things go wrong. You like to spend a lot of time maintaining your home and ensuring things run smoothly and are taken care of around the house, so it’s never nice when a pipe burst or the toilet stops working. Unfortunately, sometimes despite our best efforts things still go wrong. Your home may be older, issues might be hidden or conditions like the weather can create or exacerbate issues around the fixtures in your home.

Sometimes it difficult to tell if an issue is serious enough to warrant a call to an emergency plumber in Sydney, so here are a few signs you should look out for:


Leaking bathroom or kitchen fixtures

A leaky tap may not seem like a big deal, but it can actually be a big problem. Even a slow drip can lead to a lot of water waste, which could add up to hundreds of extra dollars to your water bill at the end of every month. Leaks can also be the cause of mould, mildew and corrosion. If you notice a leak it’s a good idea to contact an emergency plumber in Sydney to get the issue taken care of right away.


Your toilet is backed up

A working toilet should be able to efficiently remove waste, if your toilet is backing up or won’t flush correctly it can be a big problem and could be a sign of a serious blockage. If you’re located in the area then call an emergency plumber in Sydney right away to deal with the issue as it can quickly become unsanitary and a danger to the health of those living in your home.


You can smell gas

If you smell gas coming from your water heater it can be a sign of a serious issue and could put the people in your household in serious danger. Gas is extremely flammable and a gas leak could cause an explosion if it were to come into contact with electrical appliances or heat, it can also cause asphyxiation in confined spaces. If you suspect a gas leak, turn the gas supply to your home off at the main valve and open up all the doors and windows to air out your home, then make sure everyone in your home is outside and well clear of the house. Call an emergency plumber in Sydney or contact a qualified gas fitter as they will be able to diagnose if there is a leak and deal with the issue.


You have a burst pipe

leaking pipe

A blown or ruptured pipe can quickly cause major damage to your home or the surrounding area. Often the result of older pipes, poor workmanship or poor quality materials, they can happen expectantly and definitely constitute an emergency. If you have a burst pipe in your home then the best thing to do is turn of the water supply at your home at the mains valve before calling an emergency plumber in Sydney to attend your property as soon as possible to fix the issue.


You have stinky drains

If you can smell something coming from your drains then you might have a clogging issue. Clogging can be a sign of a more serious issue and is often a precursor to a much more expensive or dangerous problem. If you can smell something coming from your drains, you should contact a professional as soon as possible to prevent the issue from worsening.


You have no hot water

If your water heater has failed or is not working at the optimal level it can lead to some pretty unpleasant cold showers. Maintenance of your water heater is essential to keep your water heater in good condition, and also important for ensuring that your entire home is kept comfortable.


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